Khreisha: PA security formed to protect Israel and liquidate resistance

Khreisha: PA security formed to protect Israel and liquidate resistance

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The second deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Dr. Hassan Khreisha has opined that the PA security apparatuses were formed to protect Israel” security and to liquidate Palestinian resistance.

He told Quds Press news agency on Tuesday that what happened in Qalqilia was a serious escalation and all forces in the Palestinian arena should exert efforts to prevent further deterioration in inter-Palestinian relations.

He called for formation of an investigative committee to determine responsibility for what happened, warning of attempts to drag the Palestinian people into internal feuding.

Two Palestinian resistance fighters affiliated with the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, were killed along with a house owner providing shelter for them and three PA security men when the latter encircled the house and fired at the fighters.

Khreisha accused the Ramallah authority of killing its own people, adding that the people”s democratic choice, which brought a majority of representatives of resistance into the PLC, should be respected.

The independent MP said that the current and former governments in Ramallah were entrusted with carrying out the so-called roadmap plan, which primarily calls for liquidating resistance.

He said that it was now clear that there are parties in the Ramallah authority who insist on negotiations for personal interests despite Israel”s practices of building the separation wall and settlements and of judaizing Jerusalem and demolishing Jerusalemite homes.

The PLC second deputy speaker denounced those who described resistance fighters as “outlaws”, adding that all Palestinians support resistance, which means that the Palestinian people are all outlaws.

The only one benefiting from what happened in Qalqilia is the Israeli occupation authority that expressed satisfaction at the liquidating of a number of resistance fighters, Khreisha underlined.