Khudari: Bakeries to close down within 48 hours

Khudari: Bakeries to close down within 48 hours

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the Popular Committee Against the  Siege (PCAS), on Monday warned that bakeries in Gaza would close down within 48 hours after Israeli occupation authority closed commercial crossings for the 7th day running and barred entry of fuel and wheat.

He told a press conference held at the Gaza power station that the station would come to a complete halt at 06.30 pm Monday unless the IOA allowed entry of fuel supplies.

The MP noted that the station needs 3.5 million liters of fuel weekly and was gradually shutting down its turbines after all attempts to secure fuel supplies failed.

The complete stoppage of the sole power station in the Strip would entail a “humanitarian catastrophe” and would deal a strong blow to all aspects of life in the Strip that has been under tight Israeli siege for almost two years, he elaborated.

Hospitals, the blood bank, operating theaters, ICU, incubators and sewage treatment stations are threatened with stoppage, Khudari said, adding that the international community should pressure the IOA in order to supply fuel to the station and wheat to the bakeries.

The lawmaker underlined that the popular committee is organizing a candle march Monday evening at the time when the power station is expected to close down to demand an immediate end to siege and to supply Gaza with fuel. He asked the media to cover the event.