Khudari: Electricity station’s stoppage entails humanitarian disaster

Khudari: Electricity station’s stoppage entails humanitarian disaster

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, has warned that the complete stoppage of the sole electricity generation station in Gaza would entail a humanitarian and environmental disaster within the few coming hours.

He said in a press conference on Sunday that the Israeli occupation authority was closing all Gaza commercial crossings for almost a week and fuel was running out from that station.

The MP pointed out that the IOA was also banning entry of necessary equipment for the maintenance of the power station that was shelled and greatly damaged two years ago in an IOF aerial raid.

Khudari appealed to the international community to pressure the IOA to end the siege, adding that the IOA was tightening the siege on Gaza following the successful sea voyages.

Kenan Obaid, the deputy director of the Gaza power authority, said on Sunday that one of the three turbines in the power station was already out of work and tomorrow the remaining two would stop due to the lack of fuel.

He said that 50% of Gaza areas would suffer absolute blackout within 24 hours, adding that his authority does not have any spare parts for maintenance of other power lines, which further complicate Gaza”s electricity problems.

The station”s stoppage would affect the educational, health and sewage systems among others, Obaid underlined.