Khudari: Gaza on the brink of human disaster

Khudari: Gaza on the brink of human disaster

Independent MP Jamal Al-Khudari on Sunday urged international institutions and legal societies world wide to swiftly act to save the Gaza Strip from an imminent human disaster after the IOA stopped supplying it with fuel.

Khudari, also chairman of the popular anti sanctions committee, told a press conference that Gaza has turned into a disaster area and was on the brink of a bigger disaster that the one it is currently experiencing.

He said that the tightened IOA siege had killed 72 patients in the Gaza Strip over the past 72 days at a rate of one patient per day.

He warned that electricity cutoff would mean that no water would reach houses, and asked the media to highlight the need for immediate humanitarian supplies to the Strip and to shed light on its plight.

The MP said that barring the entry of international aid would mean passing a capital punishment against one and a half million Gazans.