Khudari: Gaza out of wheat

Khudari: Gaza out of wheat

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, has affirmed that the flour mills in the Gaza Strip have come to complete halt due to the Israeli closure of all crossings for 16 days running.

Khudari, who visited the Palestinian flour mill company along with foreign activists on Wednesday, said that the company”s stores were empty, noting that they could accommodate up to 200,000 tons of wheat.

He told a press conference after touring the facility that the company used to produce 230 tons of flour daily and worked 24 hours a day but it reduced working to 8 hours a day then stopped completely on Wednesday.

The MP recalled that the company met 50% of the Gaza Strip needs, and underlined that it was the first time for the company to completely stop functioning, which indicates that the current siege and closures of crossings is the toughest against the Strip.

He charged that the Israeli occupation authority was targeting the basics of life in the Strip, and appealed to the world community to shoulder its responsibility and to pressure the IOA into ending the siege and to open all commercial crossings.