Khudari: Israel declares war on Palestinian children

Khudari: Israel declares war on Palestinian children

Chairman of the Gaza-based  Popular Committee Against the Siege MP Jamal Al-Khudari has asserted that the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip had killed more than 100 Palestinian children amidst unexplainable Arab and international indifference.

In a press release he made in commemorating the Universal Children”s Day and a copy of which was received by the PIC, Khudari revealed that the Israeli occupation government had killed more than 1000 Palestinian children since the Aqsa intifada erupted in September, 2000, and left hundreds others suffering  trauma and psychological problems due to the continuous military aggression and air strikes on the entire Strip.

He also explained that 40% of Gaza children suffer of malnutrition and anemia because they completely depended on international and Arab assistance that doesn’t satisfy their need of healthy food capable of building normal and healthy bodies.

Furthermore, Khudari pointed out that the IOA had arrested more than 8000 Palestinian children since the Aqsa intifada, and at least 400 of them were retained in jails and exposed to harsh torture, and unethical practices at the hands of their jailors.

However, he stressed, the children of Palestine were the hope and the future of this country, and they should be assisted with all pillars of steadfastness, patience, and development.

“The call of our children to the entire world on this day was to immediately mobilize to end the siege on Gaza and to halt the Israeli aggression and mass extermination against the Palestinian people”, the PA official underlined.

“All the children in this world have respected and protected rights expect children of Palestine who suffer under the occupation, and even don”t find food and medicine to live”, he underscored.

In a related context, tens of Gaza children held a sit-in in front of the Egyptian embassy in Gaza, calling on the international community, particularly the Egyptian government, to open the vital Rafah crossing point, to allow food and medicine into the Strip.

“The Gaza Strip is suffering a suffocating crises in all aspects of life… where are those who claim international legitimacy and human rights and celebrate this day? Do we not have a right to live also?…. every day, the Israeli siege reaps more Palestinian lives and threatens lives of hundreds others due to lack of medicine and electricity”,  said Palestinian child Sumayyah Bulbul in a press conference held at the sit-in site.

The children also raised placards with phrases like “Let us live in peace”, “We have the right to healthy nutrition”, “Oh children of the world listen to us, we are children like you from the besieged Gaza”, “Where is our right to education, food, and medical treatment” written on them.

“Where is the civilized world which brags about human rights and civility over the past six decades? Don’t they see and hear what is happening to Palestinian children who have been slaughtered by the Israeli occupation? the Israeli occupation had stepped over our simplest human rights”, stressed another Palestinian child Nur Al-Numnum.