Khudari: Lifeline solidarity message

Khudari: Lifeline solidarity message

 GAZA, — MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, has described the lifeline-3 aid convoy as a message of solidarity from the world sympathizers to Gaza.

Khudari in a statement on Wednesday night said that the convoy also calls for boosting the steadfastness of Gaza and urges the world to act and break the siege.

The Lifeline convoy had entered Gaza Strip at a late hour on Wednesday after the Egyptian authorities finally allowed its entry but in batches.

The convoy groups hundreds of activists and dozens of vehicles loaded with food and medicine to the Gaza people.

The Islamic Jihad Movement had organized a solidarity sit-in with the convoy afternoon Wednesday after the Egyptian security men assaulted its members and injured a number of them.

Daoud Shihab, a spokesman for the Movement, said that what happened constituted a serious indication to the continuation of the siege.

He charged the Egyptian authorities with provoking the convoy ever since it reached the Jordanian port of Aqaba.

Shihab said that the convoy was on a humanitarian mission to help the needy and the patients along with those whose homes were destroyed in the Israeli war, hence the Egyptians should have assisted it rather than put obstacles in its way.