Khudari: Limited quantities of fuel, food did not change the tragic conditions

Khudari: Limited quantities of fuel, food did not change the tragic conditions

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, on Monday said that the tragic conditions and the people”s suffering in Gaza did not change after the Israeli occupation authority allowed little quantities of fuel and food.

How would 30 trucks of food allocated to UNRWA be enough while the agency distributes food to one million people, he questioned in a press release.

He demanded the immediate opening of all Gaza commercial crossings and allowing entry of all kinds of fuel, food for private sector and assistance in addition to wheat, fodder and raw materials.

Khudari said that the IOA wanted to beautify its image before the world and show as if the Gaza crisis was over.

The power authority in Gaza said that the fuel allowed by the IOA into Gaza on Monday was not enough to operate the sole electricity generation station in Gaza.

Kanaan Obeid, the deputy chairman of the authority, said that the power station would be operated only when enough quantities are allowed into the Strip.

He warned that continued power outage harbingered a humanitarian crisis as the life of tens of patients and children were in danger in hospitals because many life-saving equipment operate on electricity and could not be operated by reserve generators.

The change and reform parliamentary bloc in the West Bank, meanwhile, issued a statement denouncing the official Arab silence toward the genocide in Gaza.

The deputies asked the Arab foreign ministers, who are scheduled to meet in Cairo on Wednesday, to adopt practical steps that would end the crimes against humanity exercised by the IOA in the Strip.

The unprecedented IOA oppressive measures are a shame on the western regimes that claim to defend human rights, the MPs further charged.