Khudari: New anti-siege boat to set sail from Cyprus on Friday

Khudari: New anti-siege boat to set sail from Cyprus on Friday

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, on Tuesday declared that a fourth boat would set sail to the Gaza Strip from Cyprus on Friday.

He said in a press release that the ship”s voyage, organized by the European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza in cooperation with Free Gaza movement, would arrive in Gaza on Saturday.

Khudari pointed out that the vessel would carry 13 European MPs from various countries along with peace and human rights activists. He added that the ship would remain in the Strip for three days during which the foreign activists would get informed on Gaza conditions under siege and on negative impacts of the siege.

The MP called for activating a sea route between Gaza and Cyprus and benefiting from foreign expertise on means of lobbying to pressure for lifting the siege.

In another context, Adel Zo”rob, a spokesman for the crossings and borders in the PA interior ministry in Gaza, said that the Egyptian authority on Tuesday opened the Rafah crossing for three days and allowed passage of patients and stranded students.

He told the PIC reporter on the telephone that the traffic is progressing in a regular and disciplined manner in both ways, and added that ambulance cars and buses carrying patients and students have crossed towards Egypt in the early morning hours.

He said that an agreement was reached with Egypt to allow travel of 4,500 passengers during the three days at the rate of 1,500 passengers daily.