Khudari: Solidarity boat to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday

Khudari: Solidarity boat to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, announced on Sunday that a series of solidarity rallies and events with the besieged Gaza Strip would take place within the few coming days including the arrival of a new boat loaded with foreign activists and medicines in Gaza on Wednesday.

He said in a press release that local and international events would activate the issue of the besieged Strip, urging the media to cover those events to shed light on the siege of Gaza.

Khudari noted that on Monday the memorial designed to commemorate the victims of the siege would be inaugurated and on Tuesday the ship  SS Hope would set sail from Cyprus to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday.

He said that the vessel would be received at sea by Palestinian fishing boats while a massive reception would await the sympathizers on the beach. He clarified that the ship would carry foreign sympathizers and medicines.

There will be a conference in Indonesia on 31/10 in solidarity with Gaza that would be attended by the Indonesian president, he said, adding that he received an invitation to attend and deliver a speech on the siege.

A European delegation would arrive in Gaza on 3/11 to experience first hand the consequences of the siege and to visit a number of utilities, which were damaged due to the siege, along with meeting with Palestinian MPs and finally would address an appeal to the world to seriously work for ending the siege.

Khudari said that a huge march would be organized in front of the Israeli diplomatic mission in New York on 7/11, and added that he was asked to deliver an address at the rally.

In November a parliamentary delegation would visit Gaza hopefully through the Rafah crossing along with a British medical team comprising 30 doctors who will operate numerous surgeries and would bring with them medical equipment and medication, the MP elaborated.