Khudari: the trickle of food supplies allowed into Gaza not enough

Khudari: the trickle of food supplies allowed into Gaza not enough

MP Jamal al-Khudari, chairman of the Popular Committee of Against the Siege on Gaza (PCAS) said that the food supplies allowed into Gaza through three crossings which were partially opened on Friday will not last for a few hours.

He said in a press statement on Friday that the commercial crossings of the Gaza Strip should be opened to allow entry of goods into the strip and called on the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation into keeping the crossings open.

Khudari pointed out that under international law those crossings should be kept open to allow humanitarian and commercial supplies flowing.

He stressed that the humanitarian situation the Gaza Strip is very bad and worsening and said that half the bakeries of the strip are still closed due to the lack of flour and fuel, adding that Gaza hospital have run out of many medicines and medical supplies.

The Israeli occupation, on Friday, partially opened three border crossings with the Gaza Strip allowing some 90 trucks into the besieged coastal strip.

Besides the fact that the supplies allowed in are not enough to meet the Strip”s need even for one day, local observers fear that the Israeli occupation”s step was an attempt to beautify its image on the international level before launching its offensive on the Gaza Strip during which the occupation intends to inflict high casualties amongst the civilian population.