Khudari: Conditions in Gaza on the brink of collapse

Khudari: Conditions in Gaza on the brink of collapse

Head of the Popular Committee Against Siege (PCAS), MP Dr. Jamal Al-Khudari, warned on Thursday that the main power plant in the Gaza Strip was running out of fuel, which, he added, would jeopardize lives of the 1.5 million people living there.

Khudari”s remarks came after a visit he paid in the company of other members of the committee to the power plant where officials in the power plant briefed him on the tragic conditions in the station.

“The power plant operates with only 40% of its full capacity of 140 Megawatts due to the lack of fuel and due to the Israeli opposition to bring and install new power transformers in the station instead of the former ones which were destroyed in Israeli air strikes 18 months ago”, Khudari pointed out.

According to Khudari, if the power plant ceased operation, hospitals and health centers in the Gaza Strip would face extremely difficult situation, and lives of hundreds of Palestinian patients lying there would be badly affected, warning that all life aspects in the Strip were at the brink of collapse.

In this regard, Khudari called on international human rights and legal institutions not to remain passive towards the sufferings of the 1.5 million Palestinians in the tiny Strip, urging them to immediately step in and to break the unjust Israeli economic siege.

“What are you waiting for…? We have difficult life conditions in Gaza… we have children exposed to dangers, death, and pollution due to the lack of medicine, food, and clean drinking water… danger is indeed engulfing the entire population of the Strip”. Khudari underscored.