• July 14, 2010

Khudari: The Israeli navy intercepted the Libyan aid ship

Khudari: The Israeli navy intercepted the Libyan aid ship

GAZA, –Kudari added on Tuesday that he learnt from the passengers aboard the ship (owned by a Moldovan company) that the Israeli gunboats surrounded them and asked them to go to any other port, but they insist on reaching Gaza to deliver the humanitarian aid.

An Egyptian official said on condition of anonymity that his country received a request to allow the Libyan ship to dock at Al-Arish port.

The Gaddafi international charity and development foundation said it received a letter from the owner company of the vessel confirming the sustained pressures put on them up to now and added that the ship owner affirmed his rejection of the pressure, but he stressed he did not intend to enter into any confrontation.

Earlier, representative of the Gaddafi foundation Mashallah Zwei told AFP by satellite phone from aboard the ship that the Israelis had contacted the crew and threatened to send their navy to intercept and escort the vessel to the port of Ashdod, if they did not change their destination.