Khudari calls for international protection for Freedom Flotilla

Khudari calls for international protection for Freedom Flotilla

GAZA, — MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, has called on the world community and the free world to provide protection for the solidarity activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla heading to break the siege on Gaza with thousands of tons of humanitarian aid.

Khudari, in a statement on Saturday, said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have announced their intention to intercept the Flotilla at sea and to arrest those on board.

He warned of any harm done to the 750 activists who came from 40 countries to channel purely medical and humanitarian assistance to 1.7 million besieged Palestinians in the Strip.

The independent MP said that the IOF was sending navy ships, commandos, police dogs, and warplanes to intercept the Freedom Flotilla’s vessels, which have legally and peacefully sailed to Gaza from various destinations.

In a separate statement on Friday night, Khudari said that the Flotilla was proceeding as scheduled, adding that two ships were left behind due to technical problems.

The lawmaker expected the Flotilla to arrive in Gaza by Saturday evening if not intercepted by Israeli navy.