Khudari calls on EU officials to pressure Israel to supply Gaza with fuel

Khudari calls on EU officials to pressure Israel to supply Gaza with fuel

 MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, called on European officials to pressure the Israeli occupation to re-provide the Gaza power station with the necessary fuel supplies to operate the generators properly after the fuel allocations to the Gaza Strip was sharply slashed.

Khudari sent letters to a number of European officials, namely, Louis Michel, the EU development commissioner, Jacques Barot, the deputy head of the European Commission, and finally Louise Arbour, the UN high commissioner for human rights, in which he explained the difficult conditions the Gaza people are experiencing in light of the frequent power outages in the Strip.

The lawmaker pointed out in his letters that since Israel decided to start reducing the fuel allocations, the Gaza power station had been covering the shortage from its fuel reserves, but they have depleted leading to a tangible catastrophe in all aspects of life in Gaza.

The lawmaker added that the Gaza need of electricity was 240 megawatts, but the power capacity produced by the station now does not exceed 45 megawatts, pointing out that Egypt supplies the Strip with 17 megawatts.

He underlined that that the increasing power outages disrupted the work of hospitals and medical centers in general in addition to the work of power generators that provide drinking water to homes and pump sewage away from residential areas.