• October 10, 2008

Khudari deplores Israel for barring doctors from entering Gaza

Khudari deplores Israel for barring doctors from entering Gaza

GAZA, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, strongly denounced Wednesday the IOA for barring a medical delegation from the 1948 occupied lands from entering the Gaza Strip, saying that Israel wants to prevent any efforts to help the Gaza people.


In a press release received by the PIC, MP Khudari stated that the delegation is from the organization of physicians for human rights and was intending to perform surgeries and provide medical consultations for patients.


The lawmaker pointed out to the deterioration of the health situation and the deaths of about 250 patients as a result of the Israeli siege on the Strip, the latest victims were two young men in the prime of life who died during the past two days.


Nine doctors were expected to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday to perform surgeries for about 380 patients, but the IOA prevented them from entering through the Beit Hanoun crossing, north of Gaza.


In a press statement received by the PIC, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza announced Tuesday the death of 80-year old Palestinian citizen called Abdelrahman Al-Mutawaq who was suffering from kidney failure.


The ministry said that officials failed to process his medical documents which would enable him to receive treatment outside the Strip as a result of the strike of the department of treatment abroad in the health ministry which was called by Fatah-affiliated unions.