Khudari urges Ki-moon to take action to end Gaza siege

Khudari urges Ki-moon to take action to end Gaza siege

GAZA, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, on Saturday called on UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to take practical steps to get the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip lifted and end the suffering of its impoverished people.

In a letter addressed to Ki-moon, Khudari said that the UN secretary-general would see in Gaza different scenes of pain and suffering, but he would also see in return pictures of steadfastness, fortitude and clinging to the land.

He described Ki-moon’s visit to Gaza as positive and important and expressed hope that his visit would be a start to ending the siege, reconstructing what was destroyed during the Israeli war and completing dozens of UNRWA projects stalled due to the closure of crossings.

For its part, the Palestinian international campaign to end the siege welcomed the visit of Ki-moon to Gaza and urged him to take serious positions to end the blockade on the Strip and all kinds of humanitarian suffering.

The campaign also called on the UN chief to intensify his efforts to endorse the recommendation of Goldstone report regarding the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.

The UN secretary-general has arrived Sunday morning in Gaza through Beit Hanoun crossing to see and evaluate the humanitarian situation, and he plans to meet with a number of independent Palestinian figures in the Strip.

Ki-moon was received by a number of Gaza’s women, children and families of war victims who carried banners calling on him to work on ending the blockade and alleviating their suffering.