Khudari warns: Gaza population might march towards crossings

Khudari warns: Gaza population might march towards crossings

Alarm sirens wailed in northern Gaza on Tuesday as the popular anti siege committee members and foreign solidarity activists marched near the Beit Hanun (Erez) crossing to protest the Israeli occupation authority”s continued closure of all Gaza commercial crossings for 15 consecutive days.

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee, took part in the march along with activists of the free Gaza movement and hundreds of citizens who wore the traditional Palestinian Kufiyya (headdress) and anti siege placards.

Khudari addressed a press conference at the end of the march stressing that sounding the sirens in this particular place, which is one of the symbols of the oppressive siege, was intended to point to the danger threatening Gaza.

He warned that the Palestinian people would not remain silent in face of the continued closure of all crossings and might march toward those crossings, noting that losses suffered as a result of the siege had reached more than 750 million dollars.

The MP further warned that more than half of the Strip”s population was in “great danger” because the assistance they receive from UNRWA had halted after the agency”s stores went empty.

He denounced the IOF detention of Palestinian fishermen and three solidarity activists who were accompanying them at sea in Palestinian territorial waters and condemned the IOA refusal to allow an international humanitarian delegation to enter Gaza.

For its part, the government committee to break the siege in Gaza has called on the Arab and Islamic countries to support the Strip morally and materially to break the siege and to boost its steadfastness.

A press release on Tuesday said that the Arab and Islamic masses are called upon to immediately act and end their silence to save the Gaza people who are being slaughtered at the hands of occupation before the very eyes of the entire world.