Khudari warns of growing popular outrage at Gaza siege

Khudari warns of growing popular outrage at Gaza siege

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, has warned of a growing popular outrage at the continued closure of all Gaza crossings.

Khudari, addressing a rally last night, said that his committee was seeking a breakthrough in the issue of the siege rather than a popular explosion.

The people could not watch silently as their sons are dying and could not remain idle without being able to win their sustenance or find water, electricity and medicine for their families, the lawmaker underlined.

He said that a non-orderly popular explosion would target the commercial crossings if the matter was not solved, and called on the world to act before it was too late.

Khudari asked the world community to pressure the Israel to end the siege before reaching that stage of popular explosion.

The MP said that the commercial crossings have been closed for almost three weeks at trivial pretexts despite international appeals while no fuel has been allowed into the Strip for more than a week.

He warned of an unprecedented health catastrophe due to the pollution of the drinking water and of the spread of diseases and epidemics after the Israeli occupation authority refused to allow entry of necessary materials to treat potable water.