Kidnapping Two High-Ranking Brotherhood Members After Rally Against “Factory of Death”

Kidnapping Two High-Ranking Brotherhood Members After Rally Against “Factory of Death”

Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood office in Damietta governorate Dr. Mohamed Biyali was kidnapped by security officials following a rally against establishment of the hazardous Agrium petrochemical plant in the coastal city.

Another MB official, Hassan Morsi, was kidnapped from the street by strangers in civilian clothes after the public conference in which he recited the recommendations. He was forced into a truck very quickly and the vehicle left abruptly amidst his family’s astonishment.

The Agrium plant project was met with mass protests in the city calling for the relocation of the plant in a distant desert area because of the environmental pollution it will cause, as experts said. The project will also endanger tourism in the area, which attracts some LE 200 million a year.

Damietta governor Fathi Al Baradyi has announced on April 29 that the project will move to another area. However, there is no official confirmation so far.

Muslim Brotherhood and opposition MPS have condemned the proposed project and held the government responsible for the environmental catastrophe it might cause.

“The plant is the seventh environment-polluting plant in Canada,” said Muslim Brotherhood MP Mohamed Kisba. “We call on the government to relocate the death factory in the desert.”

Government officials said in a parliament session that the residents’ demands are being studied and a decision will be taken to resolve the problem.

Agrium is a joint Canadian project, shared by various Egyptian and Saudi government entities. The plant is due in 2010.