Kifaya To Reveal Several Cases of Government Corruption

Kifaya Movement promised to uncover many corruption cases within the Egyptian ruling regime. A subcommittee inside Kifaya Movement has put the final touches on a document that will show how several state officials got implicated in huge corruption cases. “Making these documents and the evidence public will be very soon” George Ishak, deputy general coordinator of Kifaya Movement, said to Ikhwanweb.  
Abdul Halim Kandeel, spokesman for Kifaya Movement, said in a telephone interview with Ikhwanweb that the movement is preparing an annual report about government corruption in Egypt, in an attempt to expose and accordingly eradicate corruption in Egypt.

“We asked legal experts whether it is possible to file corruption lawsuits. Due to the fact that law requires a direct harm for filing a lawsuit, we decided to compile such reports and will file lawsuits to expose corruption before the Egyptian people”
Kandeel added that there will be no real reform in Egypt as long as it is ruled by tyrannical regime, which is violating basic rights of its citizens and suppressing thier freedome.

“Many persons who love their country are cooperating in these field to improve the image of our country. We tried to reform and expose corruption through elections but the latest notorious constitutional amendments made it very difficult for reformers to improve their country through elections. We want to raise people”s awareness to restore the violated public freedoms.” Kandeel elborated
“Corruption has exceeded all limits in Egypt , where rights and freedoms are violated in front of all the world. All Egyptian freemen want to end this corruption and hold corrupters accountable in front of justice. We hope this will happen in the near future” Kandeel concluded.

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