Knesset to discuss law enabling it to remove Zoabi from her post

Knesset to discuss law enabling it to remove Zoabi from her post

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,  The ministerial committee for legislation in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) intends to discuss on Sunday a proposed law allowing a majority of 80 members to dismiss any lawmaker from the Knesset if he or she was involved in acts of “incitement” against the state.

This law targets Arab Knesset member Hanin Al-Zoabi after her participation in the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy.

The law was initially proposed earlier this year by Likud member Danny Danon in the wake of the charges against former member Azmi Bishara for allegedly assisting Hezbollah during the second Israeli War on Lebanon in 2006.

According to this proposed law, every Knesset member acting in support of an enemy nation or a group engaged in armed struggle against Israel, taking part in incitement against it or rejecting its existence as a democratic Jewish state will be removed from his position.

The legislation committee also will discuss tomorrow a proposal calling for withdrawing all parliamentary and diplomatic rights of Zoabi because of her participation in the convoy.

In a separate incident, violent clashes broke out Saturday between Jerusalemite young men in Issawiya district in occupied Jerusalem and Israeli policemen and border guards.

The young men threw stones at the Israeli troops in protest at Monday’s deadly attack on Freedom Flotilla convoy.