Knesset to vote on bill outlawing Palestinians from living in ’48-occupied land

Knesset to vote on bill outlawing Palestinians from living in ’48-occupied land

 NAZARETH, — The Israeli Knesset will vote Sunday on a racist bill outlawing Palestinians from residing in 1948-occupied Palestinian territories with a majorly Jewish population.

Sources in Israel said the bill is set to grant local committees the power to select the families permitted to reside in Israeli towns.

The draft sparked controversy among Israelis some of whom said it discriminates against Palestinians in Israel, as it allows for the committees to reject residency of Arab families and other residential segments in the territory.

Israeli officials and academics signed a petition demanding that the Knesset refrains from ratifying the proposed bill, arguing that it affects the historic and moral foundation of the country, will be a dark stain on Israel, lead to racial discrimination, and can be used by anti-Semitic parties to legitimize discrimination against Jews in the world.

Israel Our Home party member David Rotem said the law’s objective is to empower Israeli towns to identify themselves as Zionists and prevent non-Jews from residing in them.

The petition said the bill allows for an official and technical cover by using the excuse of lack of compatibility with the social fabric to continue discrimination against other Israeli groups against the backdrop of race, economic status, gender, and personal status.