Kurd appeals for taking practical steps to lift blockade

Kurd appeals for taking practical steps to lift blockade

Palestinian minister of social affairs Ahmed Al-Kurd on Wednesday appealed to the Arab and Muslim nations, and the free people of the world to take practical steps to lift the siege and open the crossings, noting that the suffering of Gaza people is worsening.

In a news conference held in Gaza, Kurd strongly denounced Israel for opening the floodgates of one of its dams in Gaza valley during torrential rains on Monday evening which led to the displacement of dozens of families.

The minister said that the Palestinian government will continue to provide relief aid by all means available to help the homeless whose homes were flooded.

He added that the government hastened, despite its scarce resources, to evacuate more than 100 families and provide them with shelters and humanitarian needs.

In another context, the minister pointed out that the government deducted five percent from the salaries of civil servants to help thousands of unemployed citizens and create job opportunities.

In a separate incident, informed sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the construction of the steel wall on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders stopped until further notice because of the wave of heavy rains that hit the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt on Tuesday.

The floods also halted the construction of a security harbor dock which is being established along Egypt’s sea borders with Gaza after trucks carrying building materials failed to reach the site because of the floods.

Egyptian police fired teargas and rubber bullets on Wednesday at protesters in Sinai who accused the government of neglecting them after floods damaged their homes.

An Egyptian security source said the angry protesters threw stones at police and blocked the road leading to Sharm Al-Sheikh with small trucks and set fire to tires protesting at the delay of rescue aid.