Kuwait’s Islamists and ICM stand up against parliamentary normalization with IOA

Kuwait’s Islamists and ICM stand up against parliamentary normalization with IOA

Prominent Kuwaiti parliamentary leaders, declared their intention to introduce a bill in parliament prohibiting any kind of direct or indirect relations or dealings with the Israeli occupation expressing their solidarity with Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque. It is expected that the stand will take place during the Kuwaiti National Assembly’s first meeting scheduled to begin in late October.

In a statement to Al-Jazeera.Net, Kuwaiti parliamentary sources said “Their move aims to provide the sacred duty of defending Jerusalem as well as emphasizing that the Kuwaiti people stand firmly by the Palestinian’s side.”

The proposed draft signed by Dr. Jaman Al-Herbish of the Islamic constitutional movement (the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, Dr. Faisal al-Muslim, Dr. Walid Al-Tabtabai (independent candidate), Mohamed Haif Al-Moteery and Fallah Alswagh (Tribal Law makers).

 It also refers to the prohibiting and criminalizing of any kind of direct or indirect relations or dealings with the Israeli occupation.

Dr Jaman emphasized that “The proposed draft calls for imposing a ban on any meeting or contact   with bodies or persons belonging to the Israeli occupation or working for their benefits. It also vetoes any kind of support and   promoting of any business deals and trades which may be of advantage to the usurping Israeli occupation”. Moreover, the proposed draft will also prohibit all governmental bodies, NGOs, dignitaries or any individuals from conducting any transactions or holding meetings with Israeli parties.  

The Kuwait’s Political observers, who prepared the proposal draft, called to ensure the availability of adequate support for its approval as they warned that the parliament’s failure to pass the law may be a great disappointment to the independent Arab and World’s public opinion. Kuwaiti lawmaker Herbish ascertained that the proposed draft gains the popular support of all trends and political powers within the Kuwaiti parliament, adding that the bill’s approval asserts Kuwait’s position in support of the Palestinian cause especially in light of the ongoing policy of Judaizing the Holy City of Jerusalem.

A number of analysts and political observers expressed optimism where they affirmed that Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahd Al Sabah, head of the Asian Olympic Council stressed that the State of Kuwait’s attitude is very clear on the Palestinian issue.  Kuwait reportedly affirmed its support to the Palestinian resistance. In fact, the Kuwaiti Government refused to normalize ties with the Israeli occupation authority, demonstrating the view that “Kuwait’s normalization with the enemy “Israeli” is clearly impossible illustrating agreement with the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who had stated that “Kuwait would be the last to normalize ties with Israel.”

In a press statement to Al-Watan Kuwaiti newspaper, the director of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch Hagit Ofran, asserted that “The IOA seeks to normalize ties with the Gulf States in general and Kuwait in particular. But nowadays, there are efforts to conduct direct contact with Kuwaiti’s governmental or private institutions. ”

Ofran stressed that Peace Now’s Settlement Watch does not engage in any direct contact with Kuwait’s governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations, despite the exchange of views occurring now and on various occasions. She expressed the hope that “Peace Now will find ways and means that would enhance the cooperation with Kuwait or at least to enhance recognition of each party with the other.”

Kuwait formally hosts the people’s congress to resist normalization with Israel. Its Kuwaiti based gathering of Arab Gulf states includes Islamist, liberal and nationalist political powers established in 1999.