Kuwait’s ICM: Political Tensions Must Be Eased

Kuwait’s ICM: Political Tensions Must Be Eased

The Islamic Constitutional Movement issued a statement around consequences of discussing the report of protecting public properties, in which it confirmed that the atmospheres of escalation, tensions and disputes wasted many chances for building and development.


The Islamic Constitutional Movement added in the statement that it follows up with full responsibility the developments of sessions of discussing the report of the committee of protecting public properties whose effect exceeded limits of Abdullah Al-Salem”s bubble, making it out of point and turn into personal disputes, exchange of accusations and ending of sessions without issuing recommendations that may face issues related to public properties. This actually escalates the domestic scene which is continuing to heat up in Kuwait while many opportunities of building and development were neglected although many legislative and supervisory roles were achieved in the National Assembly.


The movement added in the statement that, out of its belief in its reformist and development role and in line with its initiative of cooperation between both authorities, it confirms that Kuwait is in more in need for agreeing on cultural development programs to support it and move it beyond the lagging behind which was imposed by both foreign and domestic conditions. The development roller coaster does not wait and we will not catch it unless we rearrange our priorities and agree on implementing them. We are all held accountable for the freezing condition as long as we are moving on the same pace that gives priority to the important over the most important or that that compliments at the expense of public interest.


Sensitivity of situation


Accordingly, and due to being well aware of the sensitive situation and out of the national responsibility, the Islamic Constitutional Movement suspends its attitude regarding issues that accompanied and are still accompanying sessions of discussing the report of the committee of protecting public properties which it studied according to the following:


First: The movement confirms its primary and clear attitude of confronting all violations against public property and confronting all forms of administrative and financial corruption.


Second: The Islamic Constitutional Movement demands the Oil Minister to issue a frank and formal apology for what he said in his latest statements.


Third: The Islamic Constitutional Movement sees that, through its cooperation with all parliamentary blocs, that the committee of protecting public properties should release a periodic report regarding how far government measures are valid in following up and supporting judicial investigation committees in the carriers case and others, in order to know whether the government has done its duty as required.


Fourth: The movement sees, under the new cabinet line-up, that the government should be given sufficient time approved by all political parties so as to be able to present a five year plan for the country and achieve programs of its ministries and institutions to realize development and confront all forms of corruption. Accordingly, the movement recommends, in spite of its belief that MPs have their full right to do their constitutional authorities all tools including interrogations, that the performance, not intentions, of ministers are the one to judge. Thus, the movement does not support raised intentions of heading to interrogate the Oil Minister if he issued a frank apology around what he said in his latest statements.


Fifth: The movement supports forming an investigation committee to probe into issues of the media city, Calcine coal project and Al Helali street project.


For his part, Dr. Nasser Al Sana, Kuwaiti MP and leader in the Islamic Constitutional Movement, told Ikhwanweb:” We, in the Islamic Constitutional Movement, believe that our development priorities should be carried out within framework of consensus, transparency and credibility. Thus, we see that developing the human being through education tops our priorities, in addition to focusing on developing health, economic, development, political and cultural services. We also demand passing legislations related to state properties, activating economy and supporting bills of Islamizing legislation in order to reinforce the development process in the country.


Al Sana added that the current political atmospheres are similar to those before the previous government presented its resignation. Definitely no one in Kuwait wants to copycat the previous crisis.


Al Sana confirmed that there should be full consensus among all Kuwaiti political powers to get out of the current crisis and to serve interests of the Kuwaiti people.