Labor MP Leader: Government’s Unsuccessful Policies Cause Strikes.

A Muslim Brotherhood MP attributed the current repeated labor strikes to the workers’ feeling of marginalization because no one, including the government, defends their problems.
Saber Abul Fattouh, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc member and a top labor leader, said that the current repeated labor strikes are attributed to the workers’ feeling of danger; no one talks about or defends their problems; thus, a huge part of workers feels so much injustice and neglect from all.
Aboul-Fotouh pointed out in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the workers are, with staging these peaceful strikes, adopting a civilized method to attract attention to their problems and show their fair cases because this method is adopted all over the world and is approved by all international laws and conventions.
Aboul-Fotouh sees that the method of staging strikes is doing well for workers, specially that politicians respond to these strikes; president Mubarak spoke in the Labor Day about workers problems and pledged to solve their problems; labor committee in the People’s Assembly has received many written questions; some workers achieved progress in factories of Kafr Al-Dawar, Al-Matahin and Shebin .
The MP demanded the Egyptian government to deal justly with workers, observes their conditions, solve their problems continuously and enacting laws that organize the relation between workers and employers; the government should intervene between workers and factories for the sake of work.
Asked about contributions of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc, Aboul-Fotouh said that the MB parliamentary bloc lodged bill no. 35 of the syndicates and bill no. 47 of labour.
It is worth mentioning that the labor arena is witnessing many quasi-daily strikes that have spread all over Egypt.
Drivers and collectors of the Public Transport Authority in Cairo have been waiting on Saturday for the decision of the Prime Minister of raising the workers rate from the revenues from 3 % to 7 %; workers in Nasr and Fatah garages ended their strike on Thursday at dawn after a promise that this decision will be issued while workers in the garages of Al-Amiriya, Al-Sawwah and Gisr Al-Siweis ended their strike at 10.00AM on Thursday after a similar promise was issued.
The workers are prepared for resuming strikes in all garages in case the government retreated from its promises, a move that will fully paralyze all Cairo if the workers staged their strike .

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