Land under occupation

Land under occupation

It was officially revealed by the State Government on the floor of house that 10 lakh 54 thousand kanals of public and private land is under the occupation of Regular Army and Para troopers of India in Jammu Kashmir and Out of the said both cultivable and non-cultivable land only two lakh kanals have been illegally acquired.

 State Government further elaborated that the land acquired by forces through the legal procedure i.e. under land acquisition act cannot be taken back and its lease will be extended after the expiry of the lease deed. Let us assume that Government is bound by legal procedure in respect of legally acquired land and cannot force the forces occupying it to vacate but what about the rest 8 lakh 54 thousand kanals of land mostly private cultivable property.

Why Government is showing utter reluctance in releasing the said land under the forced and illegal occupation of the forces. Knowing that maximum population of Jammu Kashmir survives on farming, both Agriculture and Horticulture, depriving them from the means of livelihood is utter injustice to them. On the one side Government claims initiating measures in respect of economic upliftment of the people, and is making tall promises, but has neither intention nor plans to do a bit Ina state where the problem of unemployment is serious and employed youth are always seen protesting for want of livelihood, occupation of cultivable land has further worsened the situation. Now the unemployment categorized between farmers and educated youth is equally matter of concern.

 The official’s figures of 10 lakh 54 thousand kanal revealed by the State Government are totally false. Noted Human Rights Activist of India Mr. Gautam Navlekha has recently reported that there are 671 forces camps in Jammu Kashmir excluding Jammu , Kargil, Leh, Akhnoor and Udhumpur and these occupy 8 Lakh kanals of land. He further says that, “it is the nature of things that when a hostile Armed Force occupies land, then the land adjacent to what is legally transferred also gets annexed. What Mr. Gautam reveals is true. The actual land in possession of Indian Forces is much higher than shown in official records. Mr. Gautam Navlekha has rightly put it but has forgotten the mention of public and private buildings and roads under the occupation of Indian Forces which are visible to everyone.

 On these buildings public and private the forces have erected bunkers through out the nook and corner of the state. Besides there is no mention of jungles mostly under their occupation where they are in process of deforestation, sending wood outside Jammu Kashmir through their own trucks which are daily moving to and fro in thousands.

The Indian forces are in the process of further extension and expansion. More and more buildings and barracks are constructed. More and more bunkers are erected to accommodate the pouring rush of forces as per the growing appetite of military mobilization by India which increases day by day. Natives are by force deprived of their properties both moveable and immovable. Law is not adequate to bind and restrict them. The rule of law has replaced marshal authority. The so called executive, legislature and judiciary appointed or selected by Delhi is subservient to the marshal authority on the dictates of India . In such situation evacuating land from the murderous jaws of forces if not impossible is a difficult task. It is a moment to ponder, either we stand up against or be ready to perish.

 Before elections Omar Abdullah made many promises. Once he assumed power his language changed. He couldn’t fulfill his promise of employment to one member of every family and stipend to the unemployed educated youth. He couldn’t keep his word of revoking Armed Forces Special Powers Act. How come we expect he will release the land of farmers more than thirty lakh illegally occupied by Indian forces and thousands of private and public buildings, roads, lanes and by lanes. Jammu Kashmir being under the forced and illegal occupation of India (though for face saving we have an elected Government in Jammu Kashmir and that also on the choice of India ) he has no powers. Powers regarding everything flow from Delhi . Every matter and every issue has to be guided and dictated by Delhi .

The puppet Governments in the State including Omer Abdullah does require the consent of Delhi for everything whatsoever. As far as evacuation of land and buildings under the occupation of Indian Forces or revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Puppet Government cannot move an inch given the strategic importance of two issues. The irony of fate is, the appointment and transfer of bureaucrats and top police officials needs the direct intervention of Delhi . In other words top recruitments and transfers are made by Indian Home Department. The evacuation of land in question has to be consented by Delhi which it will not given its intention of further extension. Be it the revocation of A.F.S.P.A, evacuation of land and demilitarization of more than seven and half lakh Indian forces from Kashmir , the puppet state government cannot serve the purpose. It needs mass popular uprising and strong political offensive on the part of people of Kashmir .

 For that matter the leader of the pro-freedom camp have to unite under one umbrella with one united mission, emancipation from the forced and illegal occupation of India . Reformation, up gradation and promotion of resistance movement for surviving the purpose is must. For that matter pro freedom camp has the obligation to unite with one mission and one strategy.

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