Landslide Victory For Islamists In Kuwaiti Elections

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb following the landslide victory achieved by candidates of the Islamic Constitutional Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in Kuwait, the assistant Secretary General Dr. Nasser el Saneh expressed his gratitude to the Kuwaiti people for their trust of Islamist  candidates, pledging that the movement will live up to the masses’ aspirations on the  road to a sound and democratic life.

Nasser el Saneh attributed the big win achieved by the movement to the right choice of candidates and the electoral program which won the trust of the electorate.
On rumors that the Islamists barred women from voting, Nasser el Saneh said that the reality belies this notion, affirming that the women stood behind reform and the Islamists and pledging a decent life for the Kuwaiti woman.

On the priorities of the Islamists’ agenda in the coming Kuwaiti parliament, Nasser el Saneh said that the Constitutional Movement has presented an all inclusive political and reform program, adding that the masses ” chose us for our program and we will seek to accomplish it “

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