• June 13, 2012

Landslide Victory for Morsi in Egyptian Expat Vote

Landslide Victory for Morsi in Egyptian Expat Vote
 Landslide victory in Egyptian expats’ presidential runoff voting indicates impact of higher electorate turnout as Morsi scores 75% of valid votes, after all polling stations abroad have counted ballots.
Dr. Morsi’s campaign has completed the process of compiling the results of the presidential election runoff from the candidate’s delegates abroad. The results show that Dr. Morsi holds first place with a large difference, sweeping more than 75% of votes.
Dr. Morsi’s campaign managers express their sincere thanks to all Egyptians abroad, those who voted for Morsi, as well as those who did not. They further affirm that the President of post-revolutionary Egypt will be a President for all Egyptians.
The campaign’s legal team held a press conference, Monday, to address several issues, the most important of which was the elections administrative body’s failure to give the candidate the names of voters, which it must do by law.
The campaign’s legal team is comprised of: Justice Mahmoud Khodeiri, Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Mohamed Damati, Mohamed Tosson, Dr. Kamel Mandour, Nabil Abdel-Salam, Nasser Al-Hafi, and Sayed Gad.
Currently, a large number of citizens are participating in a demonstration, including members of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as supporters of Dr. Morsi, in front of the High Court in Cairo, calling on the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC) to hand over a copy of electorate database to the presidential candidate.
Dr. Morsi’s campaign further calls on SPEC to respond to the legal and logical request, which removes a lot of doubts about the intention of rigging the second round of presidential elections.
Meanwhile, the Carter Center for Peace (voting and counting monitoring mission) has criticized SPEC’s failure to declare voter lists.