Large European delegation to visit Gaza to report about Israeli war on Gaza

Large European delegation to visit Gaza to report about Israeli war on Gaza

The European campaign to lift the siege reported that a large European parliamentary delegation is due to visit the besieged Gaza Strip in mid-February to eyewitness and report on the impact of the three-week Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Arafat Madi, the head of the European campaign, said that this visit is a continuation of the efforts exerted by the campaign and the London-based Palestinian Return Center (PRC) to get the western officials informed about the reality of humanitarian situation in Gaza especially after the Israeli war.

For his part, Majid Al-Zeer, the director of the PRC said that the aim of such visits is to form a lobby to put pressure on European governments in the hope that they would play their role in helping the besieged Gaza Strip.

Zeer added that such moves raised significantly the awareness of the European public opinion on the reality of the Israeli aggression and siege on Gaza.

He noted that the delegation would report about their observations in Gaza to their parliaments as well as the European parliament and commission as the previous delegations did.

In another context, the French foreign ministry summoned Wednesday the Israeli ambassadors to France to express its protest at delaying its consul in Jerusalem for six hours at the Erez checkpoint and at firing warning shots near his convoy.

The spokesman for the foreign ministry explained that upon the arrival of the French consul along with his convoy from a visit to Gaza intended for preparing for the French contribution to the reconstruction of Gaza, he was delayed for six hours at the Erez checkpoint and Israeli soldiers opened fire at the convoy cars.

A South-African delegation from the university of KwaZulu-Natal visited the Islamic university in Gaza in the context of strengthening the cooperation ties and reconstructing what was destroyed by Israel. The delegation was briefed about the size of destruction inflicted on the university buildings.

A Bahraini medical delegation is expected to arrive in Gaza on Thursday to hand a new batch of humanitarian aid and contribute to the construction efforts, according to the official Bahrain news agency.

Mustafa Al-Sayed, the secretary-general of the royal charity foundation, said the second stage of Bahraini assistance is to build a school and a medical center at a cost of nine million dollars, adding that the delegation would bring relief and medical aid in addition to an ambulance.

He said that the delegation includes five doctors who will treat the wounded patients in Gaza and Egyptian hospitals, adding the delegation will specify some of the patients who will receive medical treatment in Bahrain on orders of king Hamad Al-Khalifa.