Large-scale Detentions against MB Leaders

Large-scale Detentions against  MB Leaders

In a measure considered escalatory against Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, State Security Apparatus, backed by Central Security Forces, has detained some big names inside Muslim Brotherhood today. It”s worthy to note that MB leaders have been arrested from the house of businessman Nabil Moqbil, where they have been tanned in security trucks.

Among the detainees are the following MB leaders:

1- Dr.Essam Al Erian, general coordinator of the MB political department
2- Dr. Mahmoud Hussain, member of the MB Executive Bureau
3-Sayed Nozely, general coordinator of the MB administrative office in Giza

4- Dr. Mohi E zayt
5- Dr.Ahmed Omar
6- Dr.Mohy Zayet
7- Dr. Sanaa Abu Zaid
8- Khaled Al-Beltagy
9- Hossam Abu-Bakr
10-Hamdy Ebrahem
11- Nabel Moqbel
12- Hesham Esa
13- Helmy Al-Gazar
14-Mohammed Kamal

    In his statement to ikhwanweb, MB 1st deputy Chairman Dr. Muhammad Habib announces: “before today”s detentions against MB leaders, the regime has gone too far in tyranny and repression, attempting to hamper Muslim Brotherhood persistence in the way of reform and peaceful change” Dr. Habib collaborates “those detentions aim at weakening MB activities as well as marginalizing the role Muslim Brotherhood plays in the Egyptian political arena”
Commenting on today”s detentions, Dr. Habib said: “these detentions aggravate the even-worsened situation and pave the way for more political tensions”. The Muslim Brotherhood no. 2 leader confirms that “these detentions explicitly tell that the ruling regime in Egypt issued more repressive and despotic agendas against opposition groups, through a very tough security apparatus”.
On his part, Dr. Habib denied being those detentions a result of his appearance before Al-Jazeera channel, when he spoke about Muslim Brotherhood party programme.