Latest Developments of Polls, Stage3, Run-off elections

Latest Developments of Polls

In el-Daqhlia governorate, polling boxes have been delivered to the police station of Aga City while the police officer proclaimed that the abolishment of vote. 
In Bany Ebeed constituency, ballot papers were handed to the supporters of the National Democratic Party’s nominees, eight hours ahead of vote.
In el-Matria constituency, clashes erupted between the barred voters and the security force. Therefore, police used rubbery bullets and tear bombs to put the riot down. Some of the electorate were put under arrest.
In Nabroh constituency, police cordoned the polls both in Merh and Nasal villages.  
In Talkha City, the representatives of Brotherhood’s nominees were denied access to polling stations where other candidates’ representatives were allowed entering. In Meet Anter village, 24 truckloads of riot police aligned. The presence of thugs was detected near the police station. In addition, two Brotherhood’s representatives were abducted.     
In Dametta governorate, 74 polling centers are completely sealed off. Moreover, some voters were detained. Meanwhile, two Brotherhood’s agents were abducted.
In Meaniah village, two microbuses packed with thugs and some police officers arrived at 9 am. The Brotherhood’s candidate was kept out for a long time but at last he managed to enter the polls.  
In Bandar Dametta, security forces smashed the equipments of al-Jazzera Channel and beat its photographer. Reporters of news agencies are threatened to be killed if cover voting in this constituency.