Launched website reveals dictators’ scandalous supporters

Launched website reveals dictators’ scandalous supporters

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today announced the launch of a new website dedicated to publish the names of Egyptian journalists, artists and public figures who defied the will of the Egyptian people, and supported the ousted dictator regime Egyptian Hosni Mubarak.

The site ,Lists of shame,, publishes lists of names of public figures who made statements against the revolution in all cities of Egypt, especially Tahrir, in addition to a page of merit for all public figures who participated and supported the demonstrations , and sided with the people’s demands for democracy.

A number of public figures, artists, journalists and athletes contributed to the smear campaigns against opponents of the deposed Mubarak regime, organized and participated in demonstrations against the revolution. Some of them even insulted the sit ins in Tahrir and incited against them, accusing them of trying to sabotage Egypt according to foreign agendas.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said, “We are with freedom of expression. Any person has the right to uphold any idea or stance , however, incitement and accusations of working as agents for foreign parties, is extreme oppression of others because of their positions against the dictatorship.

The site , Lists of Shame ,exposes the positions of these agitators against the peoples’ freedom and their desire for democracy. We do not incite against them or call to try them, only the former minister of information Anas elFiqqy, who failed his duty and dedicated himself and all the public resources in his power to misleading the Egyptians and inciting against the Egyptian youth”.

“Some of these figures, were not even honest in defending Mubarak regime as they quickly switched stances like rats fleeing a sinking ship , those are really without honor. Adoption of different views is acceptable within accepting the other ,but quick switching of position is so disgraceful ” , added the Arabic Network.

The Arabic Network is also publishes ,on the same site, names of figures who supported the revolution in its very first moments and adhered to their positions, they deserve all due respect.

The Arabic Network calls for even more names that have either supported democracy or have supported the dictator. It is a testimony for history and a part of the documentation of this pivotal moment in the history of the Egyptian people.