Lawmaker Alkhudari blames Israel for slow movement at Gaza’s crossings

Lawmaker Alkhudari blames Israel for slow movement at Gaza’s crossings

Head of the local popular committee to break the Israeli siege on Gaza, independent lawmaker Jamal aL-Khudari, blamed Israel for abnormal movement at the Gaza“s crossings , since a ceasefire was reached between Palestinian factions and Israel in June19,2008.


In a statement, emailed to press, Alkhudari said ” the commercial crossings do not work properly as Israel has not committed fully to its ceasefire obligations; quantities of goods and commodities, allowed in , are not enough”.


With respect to the Egypt-controlled Rafah crossing terminal, Alkhudari maintained that 4000 Palestinian residents have crossed through the terminal recently, calling for regular reopening of the terminal.


Alkhudari also maintained that the August”s Free Gaza Boat”s members, who broke the siege of Gaza via sea, deserve honorary medals, as they have undertaken many troubles to come to Gaza for solidarity with its besieged people.


He looked forward to more Arab governments” involvement in solving the problem of the Israeli siege, appealing to all Palestinian factions to help succeed underway dialogue with the Egyptian officials for reaching a Palestinian national unity.


In June2007, Israel enforced a crippling blockade on the coastal territory after the Hamas party seized control over there amidst factional fighting with Fatah party of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.


Israel, the United States and Israel, have boycotted the Islamist Hamas since the latter came to power after 2006″s parliamentary elections. Hamas has shunned peace talks with Israel until the latter halts actions against the Palestinian people including attacks and settlements building.