• May 31, 2015

Lawmaker Gamal Heshmat Highlights Legitimate Egyptian Parliament’s Norway Visit

Lawmaker Gamal Heshmat Highlights Legitimate Egyptian Parliament’s Norway Visit

Dr. Gamal Heshmat, democratically-elected Egyptian Parliament Speaker; and Dr. Abdul-Mawgood Dardery, head of the legitimate parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, visited Norway as part of Egyptian parliamentarians’ mission to visit all countries of the world to expose military coup crimes in Egypt.

Here are some of the events and activities made by Egyptian parliamentarians in Norway:

1. A lecture by Dr. Gamal Heshmat at the University of Oslo about strategies of resistance against the coup and the system of justice under military rule. The lecture was attended by a number of specialist researchers into Arab and Egyptian affairs.

2. A meeting at the Oslo Center for Human Rights, headed by Norway’s former Prime Minister. This was a frank dialogue, which discussed conditions in Egypt and violations under the military coup regime, with assessment of human rights conditions, before and after the coup.

3. A meeting with Amnesty International in Norway about the duty of human rights organizations and centers to help stop the violations committed against the Egyptian people who refuse and reject the military coup, and the brutal conditions suffered by MPs and political detainees in general in coup prisons.

4. A meeting with Norwegian Foreign Ministry officials, which discussed the seriousness of the situation caused by the military coup for Egypt and other countries around the world. Members of the delegation of the Egyptian Parliament in exile expressed their deep indignation at Norway’s silence on the espionage case supposedly implicating Norway, brought against Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr. A case which puts Norway in the ranks of states hostile to Egypt.

5. A meeting with the Norwegian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, in which Egyptian lawmakers explained the flawed legal and legislative conditions that prevail in Egypt under the military coup, the tremendous human rights violations documented there, the vindictive trampling of freedoms, and the total collapse of the justice system in Egypt.

They also highlighted the impact of all these problems on the situation in Egypt: increased violence in society and attacks against the police and the army as a result of violent and vengeful action by the security services, increased turmoil in the region, the absence of stability, and the coup regime’s policy of bolstering the number of Egyptians and other immigrants leaving the country – to put pressure on international backers of the military junta.

6. A meeting with Egyptian expatriates in Norway, in which lawmakers detailed and discussed – at length – developments in Egypt and perceptions of confrontation scenarios.

7. An interview with Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel outside the Norwegian Parliament, in which Egyptian lawmakers told reporters about the issues discussed during the visit.