Lawyer To File Report Against Torture of Ain Shams Students

Lawyer To File Report Against Torture of Ain Shams Students

Gamal Tagiddeen, lawyer of the students Ahmed Abdel-Mon’em Abul-Futuh and Mansur Naser, will be filing a report to the Attorney General today, Wednesday, April 8, 2009 against the Nasr City 1st Police Division’s Chief and Investigations Head for torturing the students who were kept under their custody on April 6 before releasing them.


The students were kidnapped from Ain Shams University during their participation in the events of the ‘Day of Rage’ organized by Egyptian college students during which ten were detained, most of them college students.


“I was surprised when I saw the students being beaten and tortured and their clothes being torn during investigations with them which led me to confirm the injuries and torn clothes in an investigation report,” Tagiddeen told Ikhwanweb adding that the students were also subjected to more than one investigation.


Tagiddeen clarified that the torturing of Abul-Futuh took place under the supervision of the division’s head, investigations chief, and some police secretaries.  Abul-Futuh told us the details of his story from the moment of his kidnap to his release narrating, “They kidnapped me in front of the Ain Shams Education faculty during the protest, and kept me in a University Guards room for more than half an hour. I was then taken to a microbus where, surprisingly, I saw eight people, including a Master’s student from the faculty, another who was kidnapped in front of his house facing the faculty, a photographer for El-Masry El-Youm newspaper, three students affiliated with the April 6 movement, and 3 other MB students.”


Abul-Futuh added, “We reached the 1st Police Division in Nasr City where investigations were conducted by the state security against us, blindfolded.  In the case when we would refuse to respond to a question, we were subjected to verbal assaults, beating, and our clothes were torn off. By 6 p.m., seven of us were released while two others and I remained.  We were then transferred to the Heliopolis Division where the Chief Ahmed El-‘Asy filed charges of demonstrating and assembling against us.  At 8:30 p.m. we were transferred to the Heliopolis Prosecution where Deputy Prosecutor Ahmed Yusuf interrogated us using the same questions and accusations. Investigations were completed by 1 a.m. that day upon which we were retransferred to the Nasr City 1st Police Division where we were released.”