Lawyers Form Legal Committee to Pursue Zionists Internationally

Lawyers Form Legal Committee to Pursue Zionists Internationally

The Bar Association in Alexandria formed a legal committee to pursue and prosecute the leaders of the Zionist entity and refer them to the International Criminal Court after brutal crimes which Zionist occupation committed in Gaza Strip in the latest aggression which continued for nearly three weeks.  

Abdul Aziz al-Derini (member of the Council of the Bar Association in Alexandria – Commission”s reporter) stressed in exclusive statements to Ikhwanweb the importance of setting up legal committees to prosecute the leaders of the Zionist entity before the International Criminal Court for their targeting Palestinian civilians, leaving behind hundreds of martyrs and wounded people.

Al Derini revealed to Ikhwanweb some of those who participated in the formation of this committee saying that they are a number of professors of international and criminal law in Egypt, led by Dr. Abdullah Al Ashaal, Assistant Foreign Minister and former professor of political relations in the American University,  Atef al-Banna, a constitutional law professor and an international expert, Ali al-Gatit, an international expert and Vice -President of the International Assembly, Chancellor Samir Hafiz, Dr. Hisham Sadiq, professor of international law at the Faculty of Law, Dr. Sayed Abu Akher, an international expert, Ambassador Ibrahim Yousry and Dr. Salahuddin  Amer, professor of international law at Cairo University.

Al Derini pointed out that the Committee decided to study the similar measures taken by other countries, and to address Mai al-Khansaa, the Lebanese lawyer who submitted a memorandum to the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court in conjunction with an American attorney against the leaders of the Zionist entity”s crimes in Lebanon, known as the war of July 2006.

 Al Derini stressed on submitting all legal procedures to the Attorney General to initiate the case before the International Criminal Court, pointing out that the mechanisms they used in prosecuting Israel represented in imposing the siege on the Gaza Strip two years ago, using internationally banned weapons, and targeting civilian targets such as hospitals, schools and houses fall under the genocide crimes and the crimes against humanity according to the international criminal law.