Lawyers’ Judicial Election Committee Suspends Election

Lawyers’ Judicial Election Committee Suspends Election

The Bar Association”s Election Judicial Committee; presided by Judge Adel Androws head of Appeal Court, decided to suspend the syndicate”s elections which was scheduled to be held on November 14th, 2008 till a verdict settling the objective cancellation suit before the Administrative Judiciary is over depending on the Administrative Judiciary Court”s rulings.

The committee decided to refer the communiqué filed by a number of lawyers regarding the waste of the former board”s funds to the prosecution.

Judge Refaat El Said (member of the judicial committee) said they would be waiting for a report to be issued by the Representatives Authority, the administrative judiciary”s decision, and the ruling of the Higher Administrative Court respectively if challenged by anybody.

He indicated that the administrative judiciary court entitles Judge Farouq Sultan (head of South Cairo Court) to reopen nomination; however if refused by the court, the committee would be setting another date for the elections.

He seemed pessimistic when asked about the span such procedure would take.

Abdul Monem Abdul Maqssoud; manager of the Islamic Shariah Committee”s candidates or the Association board, said that the committee”s decision is political rather than legal and inquired “how can the committee suspend the election while having no power in the issue since the South Cairo Court”s head became the decision-maker of holding elections?

He called on the committee to stop interfering in the election schedule if it really seeks implementation of law.