• September 3, 2016
  • 12 minutes read

Lawyers Statement on Coup Security Kidnapping, Disappearance of Mohamed Sadek

Lawyers Statement on Coup Security Kidnapping, Disappearance of Mohamed Sadek
The undersigned condemn, in the strongest terms, the continued escalation by the Interior Ministry and security apparatuses of the oppressive policy that aims to terrorize and intimidate lawyers and defenders of human rights, and to prevent them from doing their duty of support for victims of violations.

Coup security forces kidnapped Mohamed Mahmoud Sadek, lawyer and human rights researcher, on Tuesday evening – August 30, 2016 from Giza governorate train station, where he was arrested and taken to an undisclosed location.

Despite their best endeavors, Sadek’s family and lawyers have been unable to locate him until this moment.

Mohamed Sadek is a member of the Aqrab Prison detainees’ defense team. Most of his work is in defense of the victims of violations of the security agencies, which is most probably the reason behind his unwarranted arrest and enforced disappearance – until the writing of this statement – without a crime, and in blatant violation of the Constitution, relevant laws and international conventions.

The undersigned affirm that the policies pursued by the Ministry of Interior to arrest, abduct and assault lawyers, and even torture them to death, have become intolerable.

The signatories demand the immediate release, without delay, of Sadek, and fair and prompt trials for all those who issued a warrant for his arrest and forced disappearance.

The undersigned further assert that they will stand with full force against all attempts to terrorize lawyers and human rights defenders – attempts that never stopped since July 3, 2013.

They also affirm that they are determined to persist in their way to seek redress for grievances and to stand against all attempts to violate the law and the Constitution by the Interior Ministry and its various organs.


1. Mukhtar Muneer – lawyer

2. Mahmoud El-Shafei – lawyer

3. Ahmed Radi – lawyer

4. Osama Abdel-Hakim – lawyer

5. Ezzat Ghoneim – lawyer

6. Halim Hanish – lawyer

7. Mohamed Hafez – lawyer

8. Amr Ahmed – lawyer

9. Shorouk Ali – lawyer

10. Hoda Abdel-Moneim – cassation lawyer, former member of the Human Rights Council

11. Mohamed Abu-Huraira – lawyer

12. Mohamed Baqir – lawyer

13. Mohamed Saber – lawyer

14. Mohamed Galal – lawyer

15. Sameh Al-Nimr – lawyer

16. Hani Abdel-Latif – lawyer

17. Amr Ali-Eddin – lawyer

18. Gharib Mohamed – lawyer

19. Mohamed Abdel-Salam – lawyer

20. Fagr Atef – journalist

21. Ayah Shawky – journalist

22. Osama Nassif – lawyer

23. Osama Youssef – lawyer

24. Alaa Abdel-Monsef – lawyer

25. Ahmed Abu-Zeid – journalist

26. Atef Mohamed Arafah – lawyer

27. Ahmed Khairullah – lawyer

28. Ragab Hinnawi – lawyer

29. Ahmed Abul-Saad – lawyer

30. Hani Dardery – lawyer

31. Mohamed Mounir – lawyer

32. Mohamed Abu-Zaid – lawyer

33. Abdul-Aziz Youssef – lawyer

34. Mohamed Fayyad – lawyer

35. Islam Salama – lawyer

36. Mohamed Farahat – lawyer

37. Ahmed Adel – lawyer

38. Mustafa Fouad – lawyer

39. Mossaad Mohamed – lawyer

40. Mustafa Hamdi – lawyer