Lawyers Warn Government of Unexpected Escalation for Elections Derail

Lawyers Warn Government of Unexpected Escalation for Elections Derail

Lawyers with Various directions warned of an immense escalation against the Egyptian regime which seek to undermine their syndicate by having a receivership supervision over it through the temporary council resolution of the syndicate headed by Adel Andraws after the administrative juridical court verdict to stop the Bar Syndicate elections which was supposed to be in November, in addition to its resolution to wait for the temporary council to say its word regarding the objective side of the presented appeals from a number of lawyers before the Government Council Court of the administrative juridical, which means to keep the syndicate under the council”s administration for years.

The former Syndicate Chief Sameh Ashur denied the temporary juridical council stance wondering why the council insists to still supervising the lawyers and the syndicate although it has no interest to postpone the elections by its last resolution.

It is supposed for the president of South Cairo court to file a request to receive lists of the General Assembly for the announcement of the opening of the nomination doors again.

During a press conference today, Ashur warned that any illegal presence at the syndicate will turn to battles, the lawyers are not going to let anyone take their rights and there will be great and unexpected escalations against the juridical committee resolution and its attempt to hinder the elections, and their General Assembly will be held soon inside the syndicate despite objections.

Gamal Tag Eldin, the lawyer agreed on procedures of the escalation, as he finds no time for talking after the president of South Cairo court Faruk Assayed said “it will never make difference to stay for twenty years” when members of the Islamic sharia committee delegation went to him.

Tag Eldin said “Assayed told the juridical committee what he told us, but Refaat Assayed asserted that his legal stance as a court president disallows him to do so because the ruling is regarding the urgent element only and not the substantive one.” He added “the only solution is strikes and sit-ins to force the government to hasten the election”s procedures.

On the other side, Ragaei Ateya (famous lawyer) refused what he called “nervous solutions”, calling for rational ones and he said in a press conference in his office “the only solution for the coming period is to hold a meeting including Minister of Legal Affairs, Minister of Justice, the committee of South Cairo court and the temporary council headed by the president of South Cairo court, and to agree on a final and single solution for the syndicate, because the fact proved that the government is the only body to make elections.

Ashur criticized Ateya in the press conference, considering that he is the only beneficiary from the delay of the elections, because he faces crises which are well known and been revealed by the lawyers, he suffers from inapt stance and wants to get out of it and of his relations with America and the American aid to be back in the syndicate.