Leaked Letter Reveals Officers Assaulted Muslim Brotherhoods Chairman in Prison

Leaked Letter Reveals Officers Assaulted Muslim Brotherhoods Chairman in Prison

A leaked letter from inside the Tora prison revealed Egyptian security officers assaulted Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie two weeks ago, in order to force him to accept an initiative that would end the Egyptian ongoing crisis since the coup of July 3, 2013.

The letter confirmed that the assault was carried out by the national security officer in Tora prison Marwan Abdel Hamid, 38, under the command of Colonel Ahmed Saif, who was recently promoted to be in charge of the prison.

The letter pointed out that officer Marwan summoned a number of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners to inquire about the August 14, 2018  statement by the group which laid out its roadmap and vision to resolve the current Egyptian crisis.

The letter added that officer Marwan went to Dr. Badie’s cell accompanied by another officer from outside the prison. An eyewitness reported that the other officer pushed Dr. Badie on the ground, which led to an injury, while the second officer cursed at him using obscene language. 

The letter added that after seven months of withholding his medications, most food supplies, refusing to allow a chair into his cell, and in addition to more than 800 court sessions, Dr Badie is now lying on the ground inside his cell, and can hardly move due to back injury. He is carried by prison guards from his cell to the metal floor of the armored transport vehicle to his court sessions to stand in a sound-proof cage in the so-called courtroom. 

The letter continued that as his pain escalated during the court session last week, the national security officer refused to allow him an analgesic, or allow a

doctor to examine him, and refused to respond to the lawyers’ request for a stretcher. 

The letter concluded that the  physician on-call at the prison, Dr. Mohammed Abd Al Samad, was asked to write a medical report confirming that there is no assault, and that the injury was a result of accidental fall but the doctor refused.

During his latest court appearance, Dr. Badie appeared ill and was carried on a chair, unable to stand up. The judge in the case decided last Wednesday to postpone the trial to October 10th due to a defect in the microphone inside the cage. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman complained about his deteriorating health, medical negligence and denial of his rights to be transferred to the hospital and receive appropriate treatment.

Several other political prisoners, including Dr. Essam Al Erian, Subhi Saleh and Hamdi Hassan have been on hunger strike due to the deteriorating conditions inside their prison, mistreatment and denial of food and medicine.

On its part, the Shehab Center for Human Rights (SHR) called on the Egyptian authorities “to stop immediately the violations against Dr. Badie, calling for the implementation of the Constitution, the law and the prison regulations and international covenants that provide for the prisoner’s and the detainee’s rights of full medical care and facilitating the procedures of transferring them to hospital so as to perform necessary tests and provide them with appropriate treatment.”

The Center emphasized in a previous statement, received by Ikhwanweb that it holds the Ministry of Interior and the chief of the Prison Service and the prison warden of the Tora prison fully responsible for his life,” and called on the Attorney-General to investigate the abuses that Badie was subjected to during the past period, and hold accountable the perpetrators.