• November 26, 2006
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Lebanese Islamic Group Confirms Mediating Role in Current Crisis, Urges Lahoud to Resign

Lebanese Islamic Group Confirms Mediating Role in Current Crisis, Urges Lahoud to Resign

The Islamic Group has pressed again for unity and for exerting all efforts of dialogue and consultation among all Lebanese powers.

It urged also – in a statement a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb- the president to resign and work for drafting an election law and form a national unity government.

The statement
The Islamic Group’s politburo held an emergency meeting to study the new political developments in the country and it issued the following statement:

Contrary to some reports that described the participation of the politburo’s delegation in paying the last respects to the late minister, Pierre Gemayel, as backing a political team apart from others, giving the social consolation event a lot more than its name implies, we confirm on the following:

1- The Islamic Group was and is still keeping its mediating stance that calls on all Lebanese people to close ranks and cooperate in order to rescue the country of the sectarian and doctrinal strives, and to stress on their national unity and coexistence within a strong and fair country .

2- We confirm that- as the resistance against the Israeli aggression, united us as government, army, people and resistance- we currently need a full national unity against political crimes, physical liquidation and all forms of violence, terrorism, extremism and lawlessness.

3- While Lebanon is facing many dangers, including political assassinations, we urge parliament speaker, Nabih Berri, and all sincere brothers to exert efforts in order to restore the atmospheres of dialogue and consultation in order to reach a suitable solution for the current crisis; we consider that the comprehensive solution starts from restoring the atmosphere of confidence and understanding among all sides, on the basis of giving a priority to the interests of our country over any other interests.
4- We support the initiative of the economic organizations regarding calling on the president to resign, form a national unity government, and draft a fair law for parliamentary elections. In this context, we urge Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, along with the parliamentary majority to approve a national unity government, and urge the resigned ministers to retreat from their resignations or at least return to the table of negotiation and dialogue, to continue their positive role in preserve the safety and stability of our country.

5- We believe that forming an international court is the best method- in such circumstances- for revealing truth, realizing justice, and helping in preventing political crimes and protecting people.

Beirut on 3 Dhu’l Qadah 1427 (Hijri)
24 November 2006 AD

Information Secretariat