Lebanese MB Calls for Unity, Urges Siniora to Leave

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Deputy Chairman of the Lebanese Islamic Group (an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood), Ibrahim Al Masry, said that the recent speech given by Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrullah, doesn’t give the impression of an escalation, adding that he only defended the view which his party and its alliances adopt.

“He only threatened to take the issue to the street, but he didn’t actually do so”, al Masry said, describing Nasrullah’s action as a positive step. However, Al Masry said that the resignations of Hezbullah and Amal Movement ministers, from the current government are considered a stumbling block which made it difficult for Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, to resolve the current crisis.

Regarding the position of the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon toward the status quo, Al Masry said that the group hasn’t adopted a specific attitude over this issue. “But we- in the Muslim Brotherhood- see that the resignations of the ministers of Hizbullah and Amal Movement comes within a sectarian context’, he said, adding that this has caused a sectarian rather than a political impasse.

As for the MB position toward Siniora’s government, Al Masry said that it is time for the one and a half year old government to resign, a period he sees as the average life span of Lebanese governments. Al Masry called for modifying the construct of the Lebanese future government, either by forming a national unity one or any other form.

However, unlike the group’s attitude toward the government, the MB deputy chairman voiced his rejection of holding early election for a new parliament, citing the recently elected Parliament which was formed only one and a half years ago. “If it is urgent to hold election, then we call for a presidential elections as well”, he said, citing voices which depict Lahoud as an illegitimate president.