Lebanese MB Warns Of Rumors to Foment Sectarian Sedition

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Assistant Secretary General of Islamic Group in Lebanon (Muslim Brotherhood) Ibrahim el Masry dismissed as groundless rumors that Hizbullah rejected to offer reparations for war- hit Sunni nationals until they became Shiites and until they accepted building Shiites holy shrines in the place of their destroyed mosques. Al Masry depicted these rumors as lies aimed to sow the seeds of a concocted sectarian sedition, pointing out that the mosques in the Sunni villages were not destroyed nor did any quarter pay any reparations for the south Lebanese people yet.” Now the citizens fill in forms and apply for getting reparations and no one was rejected on sectarian grounds “ , Al Masry said, depicting as lies the reports which were published after the war accusing Hizbullah fighters of taking the Sunni villages as human shields or that they were entrenched in their houses or mosques. The MB hastened to make this statement after internet websites had posted so many such reports including that Hizbullah had left the Sunni villages in the South vulnerable to the Israeli bombardments including Marwaheen village which embraces 150 houses and one mosque. These websites also claimed that the Hizbullah launched scores of rockets from these houses and scared the villagers into hiding arms and rockets in the village mosque.