• Lebanon
  • September 17, 2008
  • 5 minutes read

Lebanon: Islamic Group Calls For Way Out Of Internal Crisis Based On National Consensus

Lebanon: Islamic Group Calls For Way Out Of Internal Crisis Based On National Consensus

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, As”ad Harmush (Head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Group in Lebanon) stressed the inevitable need for a way out of the armed conflict between the resistance movement and the state.


Harmush explained that the weapons of the resistance movement serve as an assurance in confronting Israeli expansionist projects emphasizing the obligation on all parties to use them according to the state”s command and based upon a national consensus.


Harmush further emphasized the importance for the resistance to adopt the defensive approach and avoid initiating attacks.  Describing the issue as intertwined with a regional dimension and not easy to solve quickly, Harmush called for a way out of the crisis that would save the resistance and the state.


Harmush also stressed the Islamic Group”s stance which had repeatedly declared the resistance as a big national gain for Lebanon. However, its use of power internally transforms it from an inviolable weapon to a destructive weapon which, indeed, it has become, hence affecting its credibility, Harmush commented, adding that the Islamic Group has been and continues to be a part of the Islamic resistance.


Harmush explained that the Lebanese National Dialogue Conference that was launched from the Presidential Palace was one of the major articles endorsed by the Doha Agreement recently held to resolve the Lebanese crisis.  Harmush added that the conference”s agenda which included the two main sides of the crisis discussed the defensive strategy. 


Harmush also pointed out that recent reconciliations have created an atmosphere in which the parties concerned are expected to offer relinquishments for the well-fare of the nation expressing his hope that an agreement be reached on the issues in hand.