Lebanon: MB Says Nation Interests Top Priority

Lebanese people breathed a sigh of relief after the  political forces announced their intent to get together and open dialogues on all the national issues, said the head of Jama’a Islameya’s Politburo in Lebanon, MP Asa’ad Hamoush, in a press release of which Ikhwanweb received a copy.

Like all Lebanese people, the Jama’a Islameya group still expects that the Lebanese political forces will come up with all inclusive national settlement, topped by reaching a solution to the crisis of rule in Lebanon, safeguarding the people and securing them a decent standard of living, seeking mechanisms to reconstruct the war- ravaged Lebanese areas, and finding final solutions to the deteriorating economic and social problems, the MP added.

The group- Lebanon’s chapter of Muslim Brotherhood- called on all political powers to give top priority to the nation’s interests, saying that making a concession for the interest of the nation is a sign of patriotism rather than weakness or defeat, considering the dialogue between political powers as more constructive and practical than trading accusations or staging marches and demonstrations, as was the case before. The group warned- in its press release- the political powers of making marginal issues lead them off observing unity and finding solutions to the political and economic problems plaguing the Lebanese society.