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  • June 4, 2007
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Lebanon’s Islamic Group: OK International Court, Call For Dialogue

The UN Security Council approved a draft resolution of establishing the International Court over the case of assassinating former president Rafik Al-Hariri. Ten member states approved while Qatar, Indonesia, South Africa, China and Russia abstained. Meanwhile, the Lebanese opposition is totally rejecting establishing such a international court to try killers of Al Hariri .
Close Ranks To reach Consensus, Mawlawi
When asked about his view regarding this issue, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Group, sheikh Faisal Mawlawi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb :
The successive political assassinations that started with assassinating president Rafik Al-Hariri must come to a halt for the public interest. This will be achieved only through uncovering the perpetrators and sending them to justice. We have repeatedly demanded reaching a consensus among all Lebanese sides over an acceptable system of an international court . however, the deep political rifts prevented reaching such a consensus. We know that some fear that the court may turn into a politically motivated one, but the Lebanese still have the chance to reach a consensus over amending it. The Security Council will undoubtedly approve such an amendment if it emerges from a national consensus.
Mawlawi pointed out that Lebanon is entering a new phase nowadays. This new phase requires that all parties sit to the table of dialogue, to close ranks over a new settlement for soling the crisis of rule crisis before it develops into an undesirable full explosion. Although the Security Council’s approval of the court is not a win for a certain party, but 14 March team is currently at least stronger. This team can have the initiative and even offer concessions’ in order to ease the process of agreement. Rudiments of this initiative can be felt in the statement issued by Qureitam meeting and the speech of Saad Al Hariri on the LBC. What is required from 8 March party is to react and respond to this initiative so that all parties convene and hold a dialogue and give mutual concessions. We demand parliament speaker Nabih Berri to take the initiative and start again the national dialogue sessions between both teams, as soon as possible. We should race time because time complicates and doesn’t solve in this crisis.
W Wished Court Been Under Arab League Supervision But It Is Weak, Al-Masry
For his part, Ibrahim Al-Masry, the deputy secretary-general of the Islamic Group, in said a statement to Ikhwanweb:
The crime of assassinating President Al Hariri hasn’t been uncovered by the Lebanese justice. Thus, we actually need an international intervention to solve this file specially that it was followed by several assassinations, which confirmed that there is a conspiracy against Lebanon. Fingers of accusation have been pointed to non Lebanese elements and the Lebanese justice can’t do anything while successive governments insisted on emptying this justice of its meaning and role. These crimes whose committers are still on the loose must be probed by an international trial to benefit from the new methods of investigation and justice. We wished the international court had been an Arab one or under the supervision of the Arab League but the Arab League’s role is weak and sidelined. There was no available solution for this crisis but an international trial draft resolution to solve the file of assassinating president Al-Hariri.

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