• Lebanon
  • January 25, 2007
  • 6 minutes read

Lebanon’s Islamic Group Lashes out at Opposition, Army on Thursday Incidents

Al-Masri criticized strongly the role of the Lebanese army as it maintained its unjustified negative attitude; it did not open streets and did not try to help citizens to cross barriers and barricades; Al-Masri thinks that this may be attributed to the fact that the Lebanese army commander has political ambitions for assuming the presidency and wants to support the opposition.

Concerning the future of the current crisis, Al-Masri said that” the Lebanese issue is difficult to be solved. This is because the opposition isn’t led by the national interests; it wants the government to resign and wants to impose its will on the next Cabinet; the main reason for this is the issue of the International Court topic; there are regional parties which may be worried of the International Court and they seek to exploit Hezbollah and pro-Syrian supporters in Lebanon.
Al-Masri pointed out that PM Siniora’s government has no way out for this problem and it can’t resign because it is a government which was elected by the Lebanese people; if Siniora’s government resigned, there would be a political vacuum in Lebanon and there is specific party that can form a government; unfortunately, speaker Nabih Berri did not summon the House of Representatives to discuss the current crisis.

Regarding the Islamic Group’s attitude towards the current crisis, Al-Masri said that the group adopted a neutral attitude towards the crisis and it refused to support any part of them; this is because the government team includes some parties with whom and with whose political views we are at odds; both teams can’t be trusted by the Islamic Group.

Al-Masri pointed out that the Islamic Group is currently preoccupied with the Lebanese army attack the group’s arms depots and arresting a number of its members over this case.

Al-Masri confirmed that this weapon is only for resistance and it has never been used against any Lebanese parties.

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