Lebanon’s Islamic Group Launches Nahr Al-Bared Relief Campaign

Lebanon’s Islamic Group Launches Nahr Al-Bared Relief Campaign

The Islamic Group, Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Lebanon , launched a humanitarian aid campaign to help residents of the northern Nahr Al-Bared camp where people are facing a real tragedy due to the unabated clashes between the Lebanese army and the Fatah Al-Islam Movement.
The group said in a statement issued on Thursday, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, by its Secretary General sheikh Faisal Moulwi:
Text of the Statement

Tragic incidents are still hitting the Nahr Al-Bared camp, north of Lebanon , leading to displacing more than thirty thousand Palestinian refugees, mostly relocated in neighboring al-ready overpopulated Al Badawi camp.
The displaced persons need on a daily basis all kinds of aid, including food, medications, in addition to sanitation to protect environment from pollution .
The size of aid that has reached the displaced, is still very far from addressing the necessary needs of many of them, to the extent that many of the displaced declared that they want to go back to Nahr Al-Bared camp even if this costs them their lives. This is because they think death will be better and more bearable than the humiliation they face due to their inability to provide an appropriate shelter of and the necessary needs of their families.
This tragic crisis may last for long months, due to the impossibility of reaching a political solution and difficulty in reaching a military victory.
Council Founded

Due to all theses facts on the ground and in response to the voice of duty and religion, after an initiative from the Islamic Da”wa center, the Islamic charities working the region called for establishing a council to organize and coordinate cooperation among them, in order to easily and quickly offer aid to our affected brothers, both those inside Nahr Al-Bared camp living under hell of bombardment and destruction, or those who left the camp with their children and wives.
This council is established by the following societies
1-The Islamic Medical Association is in the North.
2-The Social Irshad society in Tripoli .
3-Endowment of Social Mercy in camps.
4-Endowment of human aid .
5-Humanitarian Endowment for aid and development .
This council is under supervision of the Islamic Da”wa center .
This newly established council includes:
1-Eng. Abdullah Babti, as chairman (he is delegate of the Islamic Da”wa center.
2-Dr. Rami Dorgham, chairman of the Islamic Medical Association in the North.
3-Hosni Al Nani, chairman of the Social Irshad society in Tripoli .
4-Talal Mostafa, manager of Ghawth humanitarian agency,
Dear  brothers, we hope you take int consideration human feelings and Islamic brotherhood. We are waiting for any donations you can transfer to the bank account  of the Islamic Da”wa center:
(Aid )- Islamic Da”wa center- Tripoli , account: 5367 (Al-Barak bank, Tripoli Al-Tal, office building)
Or to the account of an any of the above mentioned societies, and notifying them of allocating this money for this purpose.
For his part, sheikh Faisal Moulwi, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon told Ikhwanweb that this initiative aims at easing the tough conditions facing our Palestinian brothers in Nahr Al-Bared camp due to the unabated confrontations between Fatah Al-Islam organization and the Lebanese army.
Moulwi pointed out that these confrontations aim at increasing the state of tension and security deterioration in Lebanon and diverting the army to trivial matters to serve some foreign sides that want the Lebanese arena to remain volatile.
Moulwi demanded all freemen all over the world and international humanitarian organizations to move and help these Palestinians because they live under very tough conditions before a real humanitarian and environmental disaster takes place.

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